In their paper “Role of the Goat K222-PrPC Polymorphic Variant in Prion Infection Resistance” Aguilar-Calvo and others show that transgenic mice expressing the wildtype (222Q) PRNP allele were fully susceptible to infection with all tested TSE isolates, whereas transgenic mice expressing similar levels of the 222K allele were resistant to all goat scrapie and cattle BSE isolates. However, these 222K mice are not resistant to goat derived BSE. However, the occurrence of goat BSE would be a very improbable condition. All the results presented support the view that the K222 polymorphic variant is a good candidate for selective breeding programs to control and eradicate scrapie in goat herds.

In the GoatBSE several documents had been prepared dating from 2009-2013. They are accessible on this website under the following links: D1.5, D3.3, D3.6, D5.2, D5.3, D5.6a, D5.6c

Find here a poster like flyer about the 2006-2012 project GoatBSE supported by the EC food safety programme FOOD-CT-2006-36353.

Find here a Poster concerning the European wide EMIDA project GOAT-TSE-FREE. It will run from Sept 2012 till the end of 2015.

EUResearcher has placed an informative brief message for stakeholders about the EMIDA supported project GOAT-TSE-FREE that will be running from September 2012 till the end of 2015.