Paper on ruminant TSE discrimination by western blotting
Written by Jan Langeveld   
Monday, 18 October 2010 11:55

A paper by partner 1 (Jacobs et al) of our project.has appeared on October 17th 2010 in prepublication state.

Differentiation of ruminant TSE isolate types, including BSE and CH1641 scrapie.

written by: Jacobs JG, Sauer M, van Keulen LJM, Tang Y, Bossers A, Langeveld JPM

J Gen Virol. January 2011.


This is a methodological paper, where a multiplex approach was succesfull using three monoclonal antibodies together on one membrane. Besides being a method, it further supplies an adequate discrimination between 7 ruminant TSE isolate types. The work is illustrated with a scheme for TSE type molecular features (Fig. 1), and graphic representation for clearcut diagnostic discriminatory features (Figs. 5 & 6). To be more specific, the paper is focused on BSE and CH1641 differences in sheep on the one hand, and discriminatory C‑, H- and L-type features in cattle on the other hand. In this way, a scientific basis is given for the results obtained by applying a so‑called triplex‑WB method. This actually is unique in western blot applications, since as far as we know it is the first example of the application of  three antibodies in one blot, and even on the same protein.


Minutes precongress workshop “TSEs in animals and their environment, Salzburg 2010
Written by Jan Langeveld   
Thursday, 07 October 2010 08:45

Precongress Workshop. Salzburg, 8 Sep 2010 - Attendance: 80-100.

While the network of excellence NeuroPrion has ended, there are still some concerted prion activities, e.g. in animal TSE research. Together with support from NeuroPrion Association, the EU project GoatBSE, VLA-Weybridge and input from Colorado State University we again organized a meeting based on animal TSEs. There were 11 speakers, some selected from the abstracts of the congress, and some directly invited. For the program details click here. The high attendance again showed that this kind of workshop is a worthwhile activity.

Executive summary report period 2
Written by Alex Bossers   
Tuesday, 11 May 2010 14:12
We have made available the accepted Executive Summary report of all activities in period 2 of the project. As soon as the period 3 report is accepted we will make that available too.
GoatTSEs reference list
Written by Jan Langeveld   
Sunday, 08 August 2010 00:00

Goat TSE literature (up-dated 21 August 2011)

The history about goat TSE research started probably in France with a publication from Chelle in 1942. Since then experimental and field studies in the goat species have been ongoing. The webmaster has prepared an overview of scientific and political documents  which can be found under the heading "Publications". If you have new information that would fit in this list, you are welcome to let the webmaster know.

New acknowledgements section
Written by Alex Bossers   
Wednesday, 13 January 2010 11:18
An acknowledgements section (and menu item) has been added since January 13, 2010. In this category acknowledgements from the various partners and/or project can be posted. The first acknowledgement came from Roslin Institute in the UK.
Acknowledgements can be posted by partners through sending a word formatted file to Jan Langeveld or myself.


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