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International Conference Prion 2011.
Montreal. Quebec, May 17-19, 2011. Canada.

Precongres workshop : 
TSEs in animals and their environment.
Organized by EU funded project goatBSE, VLA Weybridge and NeuroPrion Association.
8 September 2010 the day before the annual congres 
Prion2010 in Salzburg Austria.

International Conference Prion 2010.

9-11 September 2010, Salzburg, Austria

Workshop : New developments in TSEs of domestic and wild animals.
Organized by EU funded projects NeuroPrion and goatBSE.
September 2009 at the annual Prion conference. This year in Greece.

International Venice 2009 Prion meeting
2-4 April 2009

International Conference Prion2008
8-10 October 2008, Madrid 

Workshop TSEs in goats, cervids and sheep
7th October 2008, Madrid




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