Welcome to the ARCHIVED public goatBSE website
Written by Alex Bossers   

Welcome to the NOW ARCHIVED public goat TSE website. It is continued by the EMIDA goat-TSE-FREE project and it's website can be found here.

The site has grown from an initial NeuroPrion TSEgoat initiative and an EU funded STREP goatBSE (2006-2012) into a general goat TSE related resource. This will continue to be by the new EMIDA follow-up project with focus on goatTSE-FREE by selective breeding.
On this site you can see what our main goals are and how we organised the projects in global lines. Public progress reports of the EU projects will be posted here as well as any other dissemination activities we participate in. Currently the site has its major focus on science but during the project we will try to add more content for other stakeholders and other languages. Since November 2009, we have translated information in several other languages (will be expanded). Where a national flag symbol is shown, a translation is available through a highlighted weblink.

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Part of the research ...


Part of the research of this GoatBSE consortium is aimed at challenging goats of the different resistance enhancing candidate PrP genotypes with scrapie and BSE, and to investigate the spectrum of TSE isolates from goats in the field in the countries of the project partners involved and beyond (geographical TSE study). This means that isolates are under study in rodent bioassays from France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Greece and Cyprus. Our partners also support the EU policy makers by advising in EFSA panels. Some of our progress can be found as annual executive activity summaries on this website under the items “publications”. These activities are part of the six year FP6 EU GoatBSE project that will end November 30, 2012. A follow-up 3 year project with the acronym GOAT-TSE-FREE has been started under the umbrella of EMIDA ERA-net on September 1st 2012. This latter project intends to generate supplementing scientific data for the 146 and 222 PrP codon polymorphisms that are envisaged candidates for resistance breeding, and to stimulate goat holdings to breed for TSE-resistance (finding and safeguarding resistance allele carriers), thus by providing practical solutions for the goat sector. In addition in the coming year the partners aim to finalize the geographical TSE study.

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