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Scientific and technological objectives 


The scientific and technological objectives of this project are addressed using a simple structure of 5 different Work packages. These work packages have many essential interconnections. In summary the general objectives per WP are:


Work package 1 will primarily deal with the genetics of PrP, which is necessary to improve the animal models, to make representative selections of goat variants, to select the appropriate goats for bioassay, to generate appropriate transgenic mouse models, to study the genetic rules determining TSE susceptibility of and transmissibility to goats and transgenic models, and to assess the feasibility of breeding programmes to control TSEs in goat.


Work package 2  will perform a number of goat bioassays to generate essential materials (meat, milk and other relevant tissues) to study the tissue distribution of PrP-Sc and infectivity to determine difference in pathology associated with BSE/scrapie isolates and genetic variants of goats.



Work package 3 will assess the geographical location and biodiversity of prion strains in goat, assess whether currently used routine diagnostics are competent in diagnosing the various forms of TSEs in goats including BSE. In addition it will apply and optimise established techniques to sensitively detect TSEs in various materials including milk. Finally, it will evaluate the new transgenic mouse bioassay models created by the project for BSE sensitivity, infectivity, detection and diagnosis and compare these findings with the classical  RIII model. 


Work package 4 contains most of the risk assessment by using transgenic caprinised and humanised mice. Various TSE isolates and materials from WP2 will be assessed here for infectivity. Species barriers between goats and humans will be determined to quantify the risk of TSEs entering the human food chain by TSE infected goats.


Work package 5 is a small work package solely dedicated to the dissemination of results/information to the scientific community, the policy makers but also to the general public. It also assures the efficient incorporation in ongoing EU or other networks (like the Neuroprion NoE). In addition this is the WP where a web accessible database will be set-up of all collected materials and corresponding data allowing efficient documented exchanges of materials.


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